Why outsource to IQube

IQube is a dynamic software development and outsourcing company.

We specialise in cutting-edge enterprise information technologies which suite the needs of medium to large businesses to government agencies. We have an experienced teams of designers, software developers and project managers with the focus on providing high quality, cost-effective and risk free software outsourcing solutions.

Reduce the cost of software development without sacrificing product quality.

Being located in Eastern Europe the IQube company can offer better cost-to-quality ratio, utilising experienced local human resources and top notch equipment and processes from the developed countries. Choosing us you get a dedicated team of english speaking professionals ready to get the job done meeting all budget constraints and in a timely manner.

Keep your competitors away from your intellectual property.

All intellectual property rights on the software developed at IQube belong solely to our customers. We are famous for our proactive approach in preventing software thefts and protecting our customers from unfair competition. The most reliable secure technologies and equipment used at IQube guarantee the safety of your intellectual property.

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